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S C A R B O R O U G H   S E C U R I T Y   S E R V I C E S CC


Hi everyone

Once again to all our clients who have read and looked forward to our newsletter. We have kept on providing a Reliable Security Service to our community as promised. We are now heading fast into winter of 2013 and will have to be more alert and vigilant during the misty nights and of course longer nights. There is less casual work available which can lead to more crime activity. If you can look, listen and importantly phone Scarborough Security immediately of any strange activity, we will have a better chance of combating crime in our community. We have permanent vehicles patrolling the areas of Scarborough, Kommetjie and Simon`s Town 24/7.




Is to assist the SAPS and other Security Companies to establish a crime free scenario in our community. To allow anybody the rights of our Constitution, without infringing on the rights of others, maintaining a balance between acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour, notwithstanding the ethical background and the lack of social skills.




We have received a number of phone calls over the past 3 months about suspicious activity or noise in the area. We are proud to say that even after having to attend to many alarm calls, we still managed to attend to these calls and report back the outcome of the calls we have received. We have even gone so far as to assist the Kommetjie Neighbourhood Watch (KOMWATCH) and Scarborough neighbourhood Watch (KEEPERS) by having their radio in our vehicles at all times. We can proudly say that we now have one dedicated Chev utility vehicle in each area we service. (Scarborough/Misty Cliffs, Kommetjie and Simon`s Town). We have 2 back-up vehicles that are on stand by 24/7.


We also have 1 technical vehicle available. That makes a total of 6 vehicles available at any one given time. For the interest of our new clients, over the last 3 month’s we have been involved in many activities other than crime, namely. Medical assistance to households, Vehicle accidents, First Aid, Pets reunited with owners, Changing tyres, Charging flat batteries, Traffic Control, Being custodians for keys, Holding lost/recovered items, Switching off appliances when we get the call “oops” I forgot to switch the stove off. But most importantly is our rendezvous service. Please feel free to phone us and ask about this special service that we offer.


Over the last 3 months we have been involved in many arrests. This has cost the company many man hours just sitting in court in order for the culprits to be convicted of their crime, but sadly this has not led to a drop in the criminal activity in our area`s. Please be aware that crime in Kommetjie has increased with over 35 incidents being reported for the month of March 2013.




Scarborough - 4 break-ins/attempted break-ins attended by Scarborough Security.

Kommetjie    - 4 break-ins/attempted break-ins attended by Scarborough Security.

Simonstown – Zero incidents.

Total number of calls responded to for the quarter was in excess of 5 400.

Number of telephonic calls attended to by the Control Room for the quarter was in excess of

10 000.


Scarborough Security wants to thank the Kommetjie Rate Payers Association and the Misty Cliffs Rate Payers Association for their continued valuable contribution towards the Officer of the Quarter Award. This award has really boosted the morale of the officers out there in the hot sun and the extreme cold and rain.


Congratulations to the Top Officers of the first quarter namely:


1st Place Treslin

2nd Place Lamani

3rd  Place Zukele


We will be there to assist you, with the help of the local SAPS and the Neighbourhood Watches. With the support of our loyal clients and future clients, we will endeavour to keep your area safe and peaceful.




Is to keep the crime level down so that our children can walk and play peacefully in our streets without being harassed by undesirables and you can sleep peacefully at night. You and your family`s lives are precious to us.




            1. Close your doors, windows and garages at night.

            2. Do not leave valuables and keys exposed to open windows.

            3. Call us if you hear an alarm.

            4. Do not pick up "so called" hitch hikers.

            5. If you have an alarm system, check with your monitoring company that the

                alarm is working.

            6. Notify us or your neighbours if you will be away.

            7. Make sure you set your alarm when required.


Finally we want to stress the fact that this newsletter is a line of communication between the communities we serve and Scarborough Security. We are here for the community. In order for this initiative to succeed, we need to have the communities support.



Keep safe and stay Alert



Scarborough Security Services

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